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Windermere Utility Customers:

KXAN-TV (the local NBC station) recently reported findings of lead in area water systems, including Windermere. Delivering clean, safe, reliable water to our customers is our top priority, so we take these allegations very seriously. I wanted to address questions or concerns they may have raised among Windermere customers.

First, be assured the water supplied by Windermere Utilities meets all EPA limits established for lead and copper, and we follow all TCEQ testing protocols. According to the most recent water sample results taken by the state, the water Windermere delivers to homes has no detectable lead, less than one part per billion. Further, Windermere water mains are not made of materials that will corrode or leach lead into the system.

Knowing this, why did KXAN report three instances of lead in Windermere?

It's important to understand how water systems, including Windermere, test for lead in water. Every three years, Windermere takes samples from 30 homes. Participating homeowners receive a sample bottle and are asked to collect and turn in the first water from their tap in the morning. The samples are sent to a state-approved laboratory for independent testing.

KXAN included findings of lead from three Windermere homes, the most recent in 2014. These findings did not trigger any action by state or federal regulatory agencies because all other homes were within EPA-accepted standards. These three homes were anomalies resulting from the way the sample was taken or from the plumbing in the home. In these few instances, the company reached out to the homeowner to advise him or her of actions to take within the home to address the problem.

If I can provide further information about the quality of your water in Windermere, please call 866-454-2334.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve this community.


Gary Rose

Director of Operations

Windermere Utility Company

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